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Top 100 Teacher Blogs in 2020 for Educators and Teachers To Follow


Top 100 Teacher Blogs in 2020 for Educators and Teachers To Follow

Top 100 Teacher Blogs in 2020 for Educators and Teachers To Follow

 Teacher blogs: Before I give you a review of the top 100 teacher blogs first of all I want to share with you who are teachers? And what the teachers do? Incredible teachers do everything. Overall ages, dialects, ethnicities, and subjects, teachers are the absolute most broadly talented individuals around to be effective. An average day for a teacher can change extraordinarily relying upon the subject and grade level in which they instruct. From Kindergarten to secondary school and custom curriculum to insights, one subject runs reliably all through each incredible teacher's profession: their activity doesn't end with the school day. A teacher also works at home for her students.

Teachers are in a one of a kind situation to directly affect their understudies. Teachers can see their work in real life, see the progressions they influence, and in this manner they witness firsthand their objectives happening as expected. Regardless of what the objectives are, they can essentially be added into a solitary sentence: You need to help individuals. Furthermore, there are numerous ways you can help somebody as a teacher. To give some examples, teachers seek to instruct, to rouse, to learn, and to influence positive change.


Numerous individuals educate out of energy for their subject. On the off chance that you genuinely love a specific subject, you may want to impart that information to others without a doubt, that energy can cause you to exceed expectations at it! Others instruct out of a worry for a portion of the issues confronting the training framework and because they need to be a piece of the arrangement. Whatever the explanation, a teacher can sit idle if not instruct their understudies, such huge numbers of teachers set this at the cutting edge of their objectives: bestow exercises that will endure forever.


Teachers try to move understudies in all parts of their lives, and for some teachers, their most prominent objective is to be a good example. A good example is somebody who moves and urges understudies to make progress toward significance, and shows them through experience and duty how to understand their maximum capacity to turn into as well as can be expected be. Teachers can motivate an uninterested understudy to get charmed in learning. They can rouse them to take an interest and center, and in any event, bring thoughtful understudies out of their shells.

 An extraordinary teacher can get understudies perusing, motivate an enthusiasm for dialects, make math or science fun, and transform history exercises into fun and energizing stories. For some teachers, perhaps the least complex objective is to rouse their understudies to adore learning. Be that as it may, the moving intensity of a teacher can rise above the study hall. So frequently, we hear individuals state that they were propelled to seek after their professions as a result of their teachers. An incredible teacher can leave a permanent imprint that endures forever, and for a considerable lot of us, a portion of our most significant choices were motivated by our teachers.


Instructing is one of those professions where you gain some new useful knowledge consistently, and numerous teachers refer to this as one of the primary things they plan to escape their vocation.

On a carefully proficient level, the instruction you accomplish to become a teacher makes you fully aware of numerous things you may never have been presented to. Seeking after a degree in instruction shows you so much learning itself: teaching method, philosophy, and so forth. You figure out how individuals learn and how to best instruct understudies. Also, such huge numbers of different components go into instructing that the way toward turning into a teacher in itself shows you a lot. Regardless of what you educate, your insight in numerous fields will develop and grow. At that point there's the topic of the teacher credentialing process which is additionally a learning experience.

Teachers additionally get familiar with a lot about themselves through instructing. Instructing expects you to step out of yourself in a manner you may have never done, and through this you find out about yourself as a teacher and as an individual. You may become familiar with how you work with others, especially with kids, and better see how to convey viably and educate proficiently. You can figure out how to all the more likely handle pressure, and the hierarchical abilities you'll pick up from arranging exercises and reviewing assignments will be significant.

Moreover, numerous teachers state the exercises they gain from their own understudies are the ones that make the activity so satisfying. Understudies bring their very own great deal beneficial encounters to the study hall, and a portion of the things they need to state will edify you in manners you probably won't anticipate. Listening to your understudies when they need to voice their assessments can expand your point of view.


Eager teachers are the ones who enter this vocation to influence change. These are the ones who need to satisfy the need for extraordinary teachers: They make it their objective to help improve the nature of instruction for everybody.

At the point when a teacher says they will probably "have any kind of effect", this is the thing that they mean. They do not just need to change the lives of their understudies, they need to change the essence of instruction.

Besides this the teachers are doing a tremendous job all over the world and that is the teachers are writing blogs for other teachers and for parents so that they can teach easily. Different teachers have different kinds of teacher blogs you can follow the one that meets your needs as a teacher or as a parent.

Following are the top 100 teacher blogs if you do not found a blog for you to follow please follow the link
for more blogs.

1. Best for Effective Classroom Resources:
WeAreTeachers | Ideas, Inspiration, and Giveaways for Teachers
Posts: 3 posts per day
2. Best For Free Resources and Lesson Plans For Teaching With Technology
FreeTech4Teachers | Educational Technology Blog
Posts: 2 posts per day
3. Best For Supportive Teachers Community
Reddit - Teachers
Posts: 29 posts per day
4. Best for Classroom and Teaching Ideas To Teach with Innovative
What the Teacher Wants!
Posts: 1 post per quarter
5. Best for K-20 Teacher Resources
TeachThought | K-20 Education Blog
Posts:1 post per day
6. Best To Learn The Use Of Technology In The Classroom
Cool Cat Teacher Blog | Be a Better Teacher. Live a Meaningful Life.
Posts: 1 post per day
7. Best To Learn Social Habits and To Keep Safe On Internet
Teacher Toolkit
Posts: 1 post per day
8. Best Blog For Teaching Ideas And Games Inspiration
The Chalkboard - Teach Starter Blog: Teaching Ideas, Games & Inspiration
Posts: 12 posts per week
9. Best Blog For Teachers Podcasts TeachThought - Podcast
Posts: 1 post per day
10. Best For Free Printables For Use In Classroom Or Home School
Posts: 1 post per week
11. Best For Science, Technology, Engineering, And Mathematics
SOLIDWORKS Education Blog - STEM Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
Posts: 10 posts per month
12. Best For American Education News
Education Week
Posts: 2 posts per day
13. Best For Fun Games Tips In The Classroom And For Articles That Inspire Any Teacher
BookWidgets Blog
Posts: 1 post per week
14. Best For Kids Craft, Art, Gross Motor And Fine Motor Activities
Hands-On As We Grow | Kids Activities Blog
Posts: 3 posts per week
15. Best For Effective Teaching Strategies For College Classroom
Faculty Focus | Higher Ed Teaching & Learning
Posts: 1 post per day
16. Best For Elementary Teachers, Literacy Trainer Or For Those Who Love Writing Kids Books
Imagination Soup | Kids Book Blog
Posts: 3 posts per week
17. Best For Gymnastics Teachers
Teaching Made Practical
Posts: 2 posts per month 
18. Best For Elementary Teachers For Teaching Resources And Ideas
What I Have Learned • Resources to enhance your instruction
Posts: 1 post per week 
19. Best For  New Educators To Learn Innovative Teaching And Leadership 
The Principal of Change | Leadership Education Blog
Posts: 2 posts per week
20. Best For Home Moms Whose Kids Are In Elementary Classes 
Moffatt Girls
Posts: 3 posts per quarter 
21. Best For Science Teachers That Want To Learn How To Motivate Science Students And Engage Them In The Process Of Learning
Educational Innovations Blog - Teachers Serving Teachers!
Posts: 2 posts per month
22. Best For Teachers That Want To Know About Educational Tools And Apps
Class Tech Tips Blog
Posts: 3 posts per week
23. Best For Parents And Teachers That Are In Search Of Activities For Kids Of Age 0-8 Years
The Educator's Spin On It | Learning Activities For Kids
Posts: 4 posts per week
24. Best For Maths Teachers Who Wants To Teach Mathematics With Innovation 
Posts: 2 posts per month
25. Best For Elementary Teachers Who Want To Learn DIY Projects And Other Arts Related Stuff
Cassie Stephens | Elementary Art Teacher Blog
Posts: 2 posts per day
26. Best For Music Teachers Who Want To Organize Their Own Studio
Music Teacher's Helper Blog
Posts: 1 post per day
27. Best For Teachers Who Want To Learn About Organized Classroom 
Organized Classroom - Less Stress, More Effectiveness for Teachers
Posts: 2 posts per month
28. Best For Seasoned Teachers Who Are In Search Of Great Resources And Want To Learn How To Develop 21'st  Century Skills
TeacherCast By Jeffrey Bradbury
Posts: 1 posts per month
29. Best For K-3 Teachers Who Are In Search Of Printable Resources 
From the Pond
Posts: 3 posts per week
30. Best For Teacher Who Are In Search Of Use Of ICT In Science To Digital Storytelling In Class
The Whiteboard Blog - Education, Technology and Science CPD and Support
Posts: 5 posts per quarter
31. Best For  Classroom Resources
Autism Classroom Resources
Posts: 1 post per month
32. Best For Teachers Who Are Interested InWriting
Two Writing Teachers
Posts: 5 posts per week
33. Best For Ideas And Resources For Secondary Mathematics. (An Award-Winning Blog)
Resourceaholic | Math Education Blog
Posts: 4 posts per month
34. Best for Latest research, News, and Resources For Educators And Teachers Who Want To Teach By Using Modern Technology
Edudemic-Education Technology Tips For Educators And Teachers
35. Best For Educators
The Master Teacher Blog
Posts: 2 posts per month
36. Best For Classroom Management Software To Help Educators To Monitor Devices, Defeat Distractions And To Keep Students On Task
Posts: 1 post per day
37. Best For Both Teachers And Parents For Teaching Resources, Ideas, And Reflections
Shelley Gray Teaching
38. Best For 1st Grade Teachers
Fun In First- A Teaching Blog By Jodi Southard
39. Best For Innovative Technologies And Ideas To Use In Class
Lisa Neilsen | The Innovative Educator
Posts: 1 post per day
40. Another Best Blog For Elementary Teachers For Teaching And Classroom Organization Resources
The Applicious Teacher
Posts: 3 posts per month
41. Best For Teachers Who Are In Search Of Teaching Resources As Well As The Latest Jobs
The Educators Blog- Blog For Teachers By Teachers
Posts: 1 post per quarter
42. Best For Kindergarten Teachers For Teaching Resources
Fairy Dust Teaching Blog
Posts: 1 post per year
43. Best For Teachers Who Want To Share Their Classroom Ideas With Others
Teaching Heart Blog| From A Mom With A Teaching Heart
Posts: 2 posts per month
44. Best For Grade 2 Teachers
45. Best For Teachers Who Are In Search OF Teaching Resources And Activities For Literacy, Maths And Arts
Posts: 1 post per quarter
46. Best For Classroom Advice For Educators, App Ideas To Encourage Learning, And Personal Anecdotes
47. Best Educational Technology Blog That Focus On How To Integrate Tech Into Classroom
Posts: 2 posts per week
48. Best For Primary Teachers In Ireland
Posts: 2 posts per week
49. Best For Links Where You Can Easily Find Practical Information 
50. Best For Brain Food for Thinking Teachers
51. Best For Head Teachers To Learn About School Leadership
52. Best For Education Articles, Videos, Strategies And Trends
53. Best For Teachers Who Want To Teach With Fun
54. Best For 5th Grade Teachers Regarding Classroom Decor, ORganization, Lesson Plans And Activities
55. Best For Teachers Who Want To Learn How To USe Educational Technology In Language Learning
56. Best For French Teacher For Teaching Resources, Ideas, Lesson plans And To Collaborate With Other French Teachers
57. Best For Resources And Guides For Schools
58. Best For Learning And Teaching From Preschoolers
59. Best For 1st Grade Teachers
60. Best For Teachers Who Want To Share Their Ideas And Resources Around The Globe
61. Another Blog For Elementary School French Teachers Who Want To Learn About New Things Inside And Outside The Class
62. Best For Music Education and Music Technology
63. Best For Education Policy And Politics
64. Best Blog For Teachers Who Want To Become Confident Teacher
65. Best For Tons Of Information That Can Be Taken Into The Classroom Very Next Day
66. Best To Learn  Useful Tools And Handy Teacher Tips
67. Best For Kindergarten Teachers
68. Best For Teachers Who Teach US History And Also Want To Learn Use OF Technology In The Class
69. Best For Marvellous Educational Resources Both For Busy Teachers And Parents
70. Best For Resources, IDeas And Lesson Plans
Peas In A Pod Lessons
71. Best For Educators, Activist And Intelligent Allies
The Jose Vilson | Teacher, Author, Activist, Father
72. Best For EFL Students
English Teacher
73. Best for Teachers Who Are Interested To Learn New Technology That Support Teaching
74. Best For Teachers Who Teach Mathematics To Grade 8th
75. Best For Teacher Resources And Simple Solutions For Classroom As Well As Home
76. Best For Personal Classroom Anecdotes And Teaching Material For Teachers Who Love Working With Young Kids
Pencil Books And Dirty Looks
77. Best For 4-5 Grade Teachers Who Love To Integrate Different Types OF Technology In the Classroom
Madly Learning
78. Best For Kindergarten Teachers
Little Warriors- A Kindergarten Blog
79. Best For Resources To Get Started With Student Voice In Your Classroom. 
Loop Blog
80. Best For New Educators
81. Best For Teachers Who Want To Revamp Their Lifestyle
Lucky King
82. Best For Teachers Who Love Reading
A Year OF Reading
83. Best For Maths Teachers Who Are In Search Of Resources, Activities and Themes For Teaching Mathematics
Kids Math Teacher
84. Best For Kindergarten Teachers
Wonders In KIndergarten
85. Best For Menta Health Curriculum Program For Middle And High School Students
Open Parachute
86. Best for research-based articles that help teachers live life to its fullest-spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally.
My Great Teacher
87. Blog Adventures of Substitute Teacher
Just A Substitute Teacher
88. Best For Special Student Education Resources
Special To Me
89. Best For Teaching Resources And Websites For Elementary Students
Teacher Gems | Websites For Elementary Students
90. Best for Tons OF Links And Information For Directly Use in Classroom
Successful Teaching
91. Best For E-learning, Science, Pedagogy, and Mathematics
Miss D The Teacher| NZ Teacher Blog
92. Best For Ideas And Contemplate Solutions In Modern Education
The Learning Craft- Your Nigerian Education Blog
93. Best For Fun Family Recipes And Parenting Tips To Games And Activities That Develop Motor Skills.
Creative Connections for Kids By Kristi Delp
94. Best For Mathematics Teachers
Musing Mathematically
95. Regurgitated Alpha Bits
96. Best For English Teachers
Education Essentials 
97. Another Interesting Teachers Blog
140 Learning
98. Best For New And Seasoned Teachers Who Are Curious About Teacher Issues
Rescue the Teacher, Save The Child
99. Best for Teachers who Want To Use Ipad To Enhance Teaching and Learning In the Classroom
Mr P's ICT Blog | Tech To Raise Standards
100. Best For Exciting Adventures in English Literature And Composition
The Daring English Teacher

This is all about Top 100 Teacher Blogs. I hope so whether you are a parent or a teacher or a new educator you will have definitely chosen your blogs to follow after reading this article.

If you enjoyed reading this also check out my post about 21st-century Teaching Skills.

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